Normal Landings:

In the main landing area, the peas, tandem landing area, MSPC follows a left hand pattern into the wind.  High performance landings are not to be done in the standard landing areas.

High Performance landings:

We define “High performance” landings as any high speed landings such as swooping,  downwind or cross wind landings.  If you wish to do this type of landing, the please use the large strip of land that starts at the west end of the tandem area and heads west along the runway.  No one else lands here, so it is a good place to do alternate patterns.  Many accidents happen close to the ground on landing approaches and this is the easiest way for us to mitigate the risk.

See the map below for a visual guide for landing areas. (Click for bigger picture)



Club membership:

Club membership is the best way to keep our dropzone running and a great way to get discounted jump tickets. Our annual dues


are $50 and entitles you to a jump discount of $2 per jump. Club members that have paid their annual dues pay $20 cash to go to 10,000 FT.  Sign up and enjoy some of the benefits below:

  • Discounted Jump tickets
  • Email announcements for upcoming events
  • Rental gear available
  • Packers are available most of the time.
  • For full pricing information, see our Prices page.
  • For more reasons to join MSPC, visit our About Us page.