Instructors and Coaches

Instructors & Coaches

We have a large number of instructors and coaches to help you. All of them have earned various USPA ratings and are happy to help you learn.

  • Doug Armstrong
    Doug ArmstrongCoach, Senior Rigger

    First Jump: 1996
    # of skydives: 650+
  • Chuck Bigler
    Chuck BiglerIAD Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Rigger
  • Handsome Dave Dewolf
    “Handsome” Dave DeWolfIAD Instructor, PRO, Master Rigger

    First Jump: 1962
    # of skydives: 13,200
    Favorite quote: My mother sent me out for a newspaper and moved.
  • Victoria Ey
    Victoria EyCoach, IAD Instructor, Senior Rigger

    First Jump: 2010
    # of skydives: 500+
    Favorite memory: B-17 Jump over Maytown
  • Steven Fay
    Steven FayIAD Instructor, Rigger

    First Jump: 2011
    # of skydives: 900+
    Favorite memory: Jumping a wingsuit for the first time
  • Dick Gochenaur
    Dick Gochenaur
  • George Grove III
    George Grove IIICoach

    First Jump: 2014
    # of skydives: 550+
    Favorite Memory: I will never forget my first skydive because it changed my life forever!!
  • August Haeuser
    August HaeuserCoach, IAD Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Video, Pro, Senior Rigger

    First Jump: 2008
    # of skydives: 3,500+ (800+ Tandems)
    Commercial Pilot SEL
  • Paul Hopkins
    Paul HopkinsVideo

    First Jump: TBD
    # of skydives: TBD
    Favorite Memory: TBD
  • Mike Kauffman
    Mike KauffmanIAD Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Rigger, Pro

    First Jump: 2008
    # of skydives: 3,800+
  • Tricia Lawrence
    Tricia LawrenceIAD Instructor

    First jump: 2005
    # of skydives: 400+
    Favorite quote: “Keep pulling your handles until your goggles fill with blood.”
  • Eric McCullough
    Eric McCulloughTandem Instructor, Coach

    First jump: TBD
    # of skydives: TBD
    Favorite memory: TBD
  • John Miller
    John MillerIAD Instructor, Video

    First Jump: 2004
    # of skydives: 1,500+
    Favorite memory: Jumping with Adam Tuttle
  • Brandon Moore
    Brandon MooreCoach, Tandem Instructor, Rigger

    First Jump: 2013
    # of skydives: 770+
    Favorite memory: The first time I looked into John Miller’s eyes in freefall
  • Ken Plankenhorn
    Ken PlankenhornIAD Instructor, Rigger
  • Alan Ressler
    Alan ResslerIAD Instructor, Rigger

    First Jump: 2002
    # of skydives: 2,300+
    Favorite memory:20-way canopy formation over the city of Dubai, UAE
  • Ann Ross
    Ann RossIAD Instructor, Rigger

    First Jump: 1992
    # of skydives: 2,000
    Favorite Quote: Safety First – Fun Second
  • Terry Ross
    Terry Ross “TR”IAD Instructor, Video, PRO

    First Jump: 1988
    # of skydives: 7,000+
    Favorite memory: Winning Nationals & going to Dubai for the world meet, 6AM balloon jump
  • Jeff Selway
    Jeff SelwayVideo

    First Jump: 2007
    # of skydives: 1,000+
    Favorite memory: Doing a jump with 6 other members of my family. Wooooo!
  • John Stepanchak
    John StepanchakIAD Instructor, Tandem Instructor, PRO

    First Jump: 1979
    # of skydives: 2,000+
  • Josh Watson
    Josh WatsonIAD Instructor

    First Jump: 2008
    # of skydives: 1,100+