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Learn to Skydive

Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD)

So you want to jump solo?

Maytown Sport Parachute Club offers two classes per month where we will train you how to jump solo. Classes are offered on the second and fourth Saturday of every month from March through October.

There are no reservations necessary, simply show up to our club dropzone at 9 am, and one of our club members or staff will escort you to our training room.


IAD First Jump Course & First Skydive – $200*
Subsequent IAD jumps (includes gear & instruction) – $80

Package deals:

  • 15 Jumps – Package Price = $1,250* / Savings $70

  • 25 Jumps – Package Price = $2,000* / Savings $120

*A USPA membership is required to jump at MSPC. Student jumpers must create an online account with the USPA and purchase a membership (we recommend a temporary membership which costs $30, and lasts for 90 days) before making the first jump. Create your account here, then log in and purchase a temporary membership. 

What to expect

After 5-6 hours of ground school you will make a solo jump from 3,500 feet. While exiting the plane, the Instructor will assist in deploying your parachute. You will enjoy a 4 to 5 minute radio-assisted canopy ride to the ground. Subsequent training and jumps will advance you through freefall.  A USPA A license can be earned in as few as 25 skydives. Once you are an A licensed skydiver, you are able to jump solo at most dropzones around the world! 

Subsequent jumps may be done without reservation during normal operating hours. Students participating in the Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) course are advised that MSPC will not permit any student to jump when the surface winds exceed 14 MPH.

This is the smile of a newly A licensed skydiver after completing the MSPC IAD program.

This is the smile of a newly A licensed skydiver after completing the MSPC IAD program.


All instruction is done by United States Parachute Association (USPA) certified instructors. We are dedicated to safety, teaching you all the skills you need to make your first jump as memorable, safe, and FUN as possible.

MSPC is a United States Parachute Association (USPA) Group Member Drop Zone (DZ). As a Group Member DZ, MSPC conducts all skydiving operations in accordance with the Basic Safety Requirements (BSRs) issued by USPA, and in compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Experienced jumpers wishing to skydive at MSPC must be a current member of USPA. Students jumpers participating in the MSPC’s skydiving training program are responsible for purchasing a temporary 90 day USPA membership.

Students must obtain a full USPA membership after the expiration of the temporary USPA membership in order to continue jumping at MSPC.

For more information on USPA, go to www.uspa.org.


18 years of age, (Everyone must present photo ID) be in good health, and weigh less than 226 pounds.  All students will be weighed prior to the jump.


Dress for the weather outside
Bring eye glass strap if needed
Wear athletic footwear (no sandals)
Wearing of jewelry & watches is discouraged

***Due to safety reasons, we do not allow GoPro cameras or other small cameras to be worn during your IAD jumps.***