Skydive Reservation Request Form

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Thank you for your interest in tandem skydiving at Maytown Sport Parachute Club. This form is only the first step to securing your reservation. Once you've completed the form, our tandem scheduler will call the phone number you provide below to finalize your reservation. Please note that all tandem skydivers must be over 18 years of age, and under 225 pounds. We will verify via ID when you arrive, and we weigh all tandem skydivers.

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This phone number will be used to finalize your tandem reservation, so please be sure this number is accurate.
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Choose a Saturday or Sunday
Choose a date to request a reservation. Currently we are only accepting reservation requests for Saturdays and Sundays. Reservations are first come first served, so please have alternate dates in mind just in case. **Due to increased demand, we may only have open reservations several weeks out. Please have several dates in mind in case your first choice is already at capacity. Thank you!
Tandem classes are offered starting either at 8:30am or 1pm, let us know which you prefer. Please note these times only represent when the tandem trainings begin, your jump time may be later due to weather and other variables.
Let us know how many are in your party
All jumpers must be under 225lbs fully dressed. Yes we will weigh everyone.
We will check ID prior to all jumps.
Example: If you are booking tandem skydives for two people but only one would like to pay for our photo & video package, choose one.
A non-refundable $50 deposit is due at time of scheduling. Deposits can be paid via credit card or debit card. We do not accept payment plans. Full payment is required before every skydive (this can be done in person the day of your skydive).
If you have a gift certificate or e-gift card please let us know, and bring your confirmation number (e-gift card) or physical gift certificate.
Let us know if you've jumped with us before! Remember to bring your voucher from your last jump and to save some $$!
In order to offer you the safest skydiving experience, we will not jump if the conditions are questionable. There are many variables that go into skydiving schedules -it's not uncommon to have to wait several hours. Feel free to bring chairs, ez-up tents, and food and drinks (no alcohol). Thank you, we appreciate your understanding!